Alcohol and other substance use disorders are a significant threat to the profitability and risk management of any South African employer. The burden of harm which is often underestimated was estimated at R 17 billion in 2009.


Burden attributable to alcohol use in SA (Budlender, 2009) – public sector costs

Managed Outcomes offers professional assessment and interventions for a spectrum of problematic substance use disorders. In doing so, we recognise the importance of effective intervention as well as monitoring and maintenance.

Managed Outcomes aims to assist and manage alcohol and drug related problems by offering professional assessment and interventions for a spectrum of substance use disorders, coupled with an awareness of the needs and rights of both the employee and employer.

The Managed Outcomes intervention system offers the expertise of experienced, HPCSA registered clinicians who have extensive experience in the field of substance use problems and who work with a prominent network of addiction units and treatment centres.